Loan for Computer Purchasing

For the utmost benefit of increasing work efficiency, university allow employee to borrow money to buy PC or Laptop. The borrowing amount will be as actually paid but not more than 50,000 THB per person with out interest (with 1 guarantor) Employee can return all amount at once or can be paid in installment.

Sport Complex Membership

Previous Next ​The university sport complex is open to both external parties and staffs. For university employees, the university has supported a portion of the fee for employee to use the service at special service rate. The sport complex consist of a fitness center, swimming pool, sports field with running track, football field, tennis court …

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Roon Type Description Room Rate First 5 years After 5 years Single Studio Room For single employees Free** ฿700/month (old building) ฿2,500/month (new building) Family Room For employee living with spouse Free** ฿1,300/month Family House For employee with family (spouse and children) Free** ฿2,700/month ** Note : Free accommodation exclude cost of utilities** What we …

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Provident Funds

Provident Q1 : What is Provident Funds? ​A1: The main objective of the provident fund is that members will have funds for retirement in which members must collect money into the fund, called “savings” which is deducted from the salary at the rate specified by the member and the employer will pay the other additional …

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