Annual Health Check-up 2021

HR would like to inform the details of the annual health check-up as follow

Period : 18 June 2021 to 15 September 2021

Eligible Person : All contract lecturers including monthly temporary employers except enterprise employees daily workers (For those who are ineligible and the families of the employees, if you wish to be examined, you must pay for the examination cost with the same special rate as the staff.)

Number of service :  Approximately 40 people per day, providing services to those who pre-registered via the link provided. 

Special Examinations : For 3 special health check-up items, which are mammogram, upper abdominal ultrasound  and cervical cancer by Thinprep method, the WUH will determine the date of the examination later because it is examined by outside agencies. 

Regulation : In order to reduce the risk of contracting the Coronavirus (Covid-19), employees must maintain social distance in accordance with the surveillance and disease prevention measures according to the policy.

WU Bangkok Campus : Employees working at Walailak University, Bangkok, the university will determine the date of the examination and inform the details of the medical examination directly later.

For more information : Contact health check-up department, WUH,  call 73082, 73059, or Welfare section, Division of Human Resources and Organizations, call 73777.

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COVID-19 Insurance for employees and family

                  Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 both in Thailand and around the world, the university has concerned about our staffs and approved to provide the Corona virus Insurance (COVID-19) for everyone.

                  If you wish to have the COVID-19 insurance for your family, including parents, siblings, spouse, and children, you can apply by filling the name and details here by 4.30 PM, April 2nd 2020. Please note that the insurance premium rate is at 150 THB per year/person. Please find the details in the link or picture below

**** The assured need to currently live in Thailand ****

Scholarship for Academic Enhancement

Set 1 : Academic Rank Request

Shopping Places

Places for Shopping in Thasala

Tesco Lotus Thasala Branch

Freash Market

Wednesday Flea Market


Weekend Street Food

Janpradu Monday Market

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In Campus

Off Campus


Where should I stay? Is there any cozy places to live? I need a place that I can cook.

WU provides accommodation in campus for all foreign lecturers with the minimum stay rate. For those who please to enjoy life in the Thasala community near WU. Here are places we recommend.

Recommended long-term accommodation near WU

Pava Place

AN Condo

Recommend dwelling for your fellows!

Loan for Computer Purchasing

  • For the utmost benefit of increasing work efficiency, university allow employee to borrow money to buy PC or Laptop. The borrowing amount will be as actually paid but not more than 50,000 THB per person with out interest (with 1 guarantor)

Employee can return all amount at once or can be paid in installment.

Sport Complex Membership

​The university sport complex is open to both external parties and staffs. For university employees, the university has supported a portion of the fee for employee to use the service at special service rate.

The sport complex consist of a fitness center, swimming pool, sports field with running track, football field, tennis court and gymnasium that can play other indoor sport.


Roon Type Description Room Rate

First 5 years

After 5 years

Single Studio Room
For single employees

฿700/month (old building)
฿2,500/month (new building)

Family Room
For employee living with spouse
Family House
For employee with family (spouse and children)

** Note : Free accommodation exclude cost of utilities**

What we provide

Parking Lot

Free Wifi

Washing Machine

Resting Area

Security Control

Small shop and restaurant